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Lestrade tea by Cara McGee Review!

In the bag: The smell is so interesting. It reminds me of going hiking. It’s very woodsy, with a lovely hint of hazelnut.

Brewing: Looks SO cool. The little leaves unravel and it turns the water amber, then SUPER DARK. Looked like coffee when it was done brewing!

Brewed (5 minutes… probably a bit too long, but it could just be me): This might sound totally weird, but it smells like breakfast. Like yummy, savory breakfast in a cup. Once I tasted it, it was like a punch in the mouth. This tea is MANLY. I have never tried anything this strong, and I try teas all the time. I definitely commend it for that, but to be honest I think I’d need a huge beard and a flannel shirt to be able to drink this stuff straight!

Plus cream and a spoonful of sugar: Perfect. Cream smoothes and softens out the flavor. Sugar takes away any bitterness (aka the punch-in-the-mouth part). The hazelnut is pretty gentle: I may try adding half hazelnut creamer and half milk next time, just for fun.

This tea is comforting. I could imagine it being completely lovely after being soaked to the bone on a cold rainy day, curling up with this tea and wrapping up in a blanket in front of the fireplace (if I had a fireplace). This tea takes you away to a cabin in the woods: at least, that’s what the flavor and scent remind me of. Lovely and unique!

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