NO. Just no. Here’s why!

  • You are basing your looks on what dudes think of you.
  • Just think about that for a second.
  • Seriously.
  • Are you done thinking about that?
  • YOU are responsible for your own happiness and positive self-image, and your own feelings of self-worth. You and you alone. You should be glad that you have friends who love you enough to make you want to feel beautiful and tell you how beautiful you are when you’re feeling down, because a lot of people do not, and it’s not even their issue to solve! Self-esteem is all about your attitude, and you being rude to your friend sounds like petty, internal ugliness rather than external. 
  • There are always going to be people hotter, smarter, richer than you, so you may as well get over it now and save yourself a lot of really dumb, pointless, fruitless angst. Being mad that someone is conventionally hotter than you is ridiculous and shallow, and YOU ARE MORE THAN THAT. You are fucking awesome, chill!
  • What the hell is wrong with having mostly or all female friends? Do they hold less value to you than male friends? You should probably check yourself in that respect. Rude, and sexist! Really cool, there!
  • If guys are calling you bad names, they’re fucking tools anyway and don’t deserve to even be in the same vicinity as you. Just tell them to fuck off because THEY ARE DOUCHEBAGS. Do not value their opinions because there are a lot of fucking dumb people on this planet, and they are going to try to take down your self-esteem to make themselves feel validated, and THEY are the ones that are sad and really goddamn pathetic, not you. You’re awesome if you let yourself be.
  • Honestly, you do not want some of the attention girls get from strange men or even sometimes men they know. Seriously. You will fear for your safety more often than feel flattered. I’d be freaked out if a random dude added me on facebook and started liking or commenting on all my pictures, or complimenting me every time they see me. I got basically no attention from dudes in high school so I know how that is, but I’d take that over being yelled at in parking lots or bothered on public transport when I’m just trying to mind my own business. I remember the first time a creep, well, creeped on me, and it was a weird mixture of terrifying and annoying, and not flattering at all.
  • Who even has 120 likes on their profile picture? Caring about facebook likes on a damn picture is more shallow than most things. Good god.
  • People are generally very immature until their 20s, and guys take even longer than girls, so seriously don’t even worry about them. They’ll be smarter about who they are interested in most of the time and see value in people they may have missed it in before because they were too busy drooling over a low-slung miniskirt. (Those are okay and all, but they tend to be less of an important factor and more of a perk ;])
  • Self-esteem issues are partially society’s fault, but mostly the media, and I’m assuming you’re a fairly intelligent human being and have already deduced that, so why is that still valid? The media is full of shit. It is a gigantic advertising ploy, and everything you consume in television, film, magazines… it is ALL to try and sell you something, make you buy makeup or hair things or this article of clothing or that iPhone so that you feel adequate. Teenagers on television wear designer clothing and look perfect and are played by twenty-four-year-olds, and that makes teenagers think that they need to wear designer clothing and look perfect in order to be valid as a human being, which is obviously complete bullshit. 
  • Quit being so goddamn shallow! Like, really, think about what you’re saying here. You are the one putting all the value on looks. Looks are not going to last long, anyway! Everyone gets old and crinkly, so you may as well spend your time doing things you love than worrying about whether or not dudes want to fuck you because you’re ~so hot~ or whatever. Nobody is going to remember that, they’re going to remember what you do, and the kind of person you are. That’s so much more important than what you look like.

I HATE posts like this, and I’m going to start challenging them every single time I see them. Anyone who posted or reblogged this is way smarter and more wonderful than something as stupid and childish and shallow as this lets on. You’re amazing because you’re different, and the people who matter realize it. Everyone else can just go fly a kite, honestly.

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